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Sir Steven Tyler3

foal date 3/5/2012
Prince of the Castle is sired by HS Castle Vision by Castle Bravo ( WC, RWC ) by CH Skywatch           ( WGC, WCC, WC ) by Flight time ( WC )
out of the mare Princess Mia by Sir William Robert (WC, RWC ) by Santana's Charm ( WCC, WC ) by Sultan's Santana ( WGC, WC, RWC )

Prince of the Castle

foal date 3/23/2012
Sired by: Sire William Robert ( wC, RWC )
          by: Santanta;s Charm (WCC, WC )
          by: Sultan's Santana ( WGC, WC, RWC )
          by: Supreme Sultan
out of the mare: Worthy's Glory
          by : For What it's Worth
          by:  Wothry Son
          by:  Supreme Sultan

Shalimar's Miss Marlee

foal date 4/25/ 2013
Sired by: HS Castle Vision
          by: Castle Bravo ( WC, RWC )
          by: CH  Skywatch ( WGC, WCC, WC )
          by: Flight Time ( WC )
out of the mare: One Sweet Buck
          by: CH Buck Rogers ( WGC, WCC, WC, RWGC, RWC )
          by: Storms Furry
          by: Shoreacres Anacacho Genius

Sweet Visionary

foal date  4/28/2013
Sire by : Master class
        by Oakhill's Dear Sir
        by  CH Yorktown ( WGC, WC )
        by  CH Wing Commander (WGC, WC, RWGC )
out of the mare Oaklane's Early Dawn
        by  SimBara's Rising Sun
        by  Sultan's Starmaker
        by  Supreme Sultan 

Oaklanes The Headmaster


Proper Princess

foal year 2004
Sired by: CH the King of Highpoint (wc, rwc )
          by:  Sultan's Contract
          by:  Supreme Sultan
          by:  CH Valley View Supreme ( WGC, WC,RWC )
out of the mare: Regale
          by:  Sultan's Starmaker
          by:  Supreme Sultan
          by;  CH Valley view Supreme ( WGC, WC, RWC )


currently in foal to Bobese for 2016

currently in foal to Bobese for  2016