Dave Lopez

Dena Lopez

Alyssa Lopez Northcutt

         Meet the Lopez Family

It all started in Southern California as a child following her father, Hall of Fame trainer Rob Tanner around the barn. Dena had a passion for horses at a very young age, but her love of the American Saddlebred horse was something that  would follow her the rest of her life. At the age of 18, Dena's skills took her to the status of professIonal trainer, and by the age of 21, Dena had set out on her own. Dena had met and married her husband Dave Lopez, who in his own right was an accomplished horseman and farrier. Dave and Dena was so committed as a team to the American Saddlebred they soon realized that if they wanted to be the best , they needed to live amoung the best.  So  with passion and determination and their young daughter Alyssa in tow, the Lopez's made their move in 1998, from California  to Kentucky . It was in Versailles Kentucky that Dave and Dena put down their roots, and made their dreams come true.  Double D Ranch became a reality, and the accoplishments that have been achieved here in Kentucky at Double D, was what a young girl in Southern California dreamed of as a child.  As  tradition would have it, daughter Alyssa is making a name for herself as well. As a young child and now a young adult, Alyssa's record in the show ring is very impressive.  She has rode to many  blue ribbons in the ring. She has her share of championship rides, and she already has a World Championship title to add to her list. Double D has been the home of many World Champions over the years. Dena has bred,trained and rode the best of the best.Dena's achievements are far too many to list, but anyone who knows the American Saddlebred, knows Dena Lopez.